The locality of Lopera celebrates its traditional fair and celebrations the penultimate weekend of Agosto(cuatro days) in honor to the Cristos: the one of the Humilladero or Small Christ and the one of the Veracruz or Christ Grande. The supervisory celebrations in honor to San Roque arrive every year in the middle of August and in them the typical " lampposts of watermelon " can be seen that are taken by the children in the solemn procession that takes place each 16 of Agosto.Durante this singular night, the image of the pattern is taken in volandas by " the sanroque6nos " brothers to cross to their step the main streets of the locality.

          Also each 15 of May, the procession in honor to the Virgin of the Head emphasize romería of San Farm Isidro the penultimate Sunday of April, the day of Jesus in the month of September, the Easter, the shells of Carnival during the month of February, the celebration of the Candlemas where the children continue conserving the old tradition " to drag " the Ramon with woods and cords tied to the waist from the property of trimming off lower branches of next, the customs to break the roofing tiles to the fianc2es, to make the homemade soap, vendimia, the harvesting of the olive, the procession of the Immaculate Conception, pattern of Lopera at night of tunas in the month of August, the slaughters, the typical " closings " that are small celebrations that the day laborers make to give by finalized the campaign of the olive, as well as " he searches carefully it " later by the different property from trimming off lower branches of.

          Between the culinarias customs they emphasize the olive oil, the flavored green olives which they appear in the table crushed or cracked by his surface, " cachurro " (bread with oil) and plates of salmorejo, pipirrana, gachas, gazpacho Andalusian, the water almendraos, besillos, twisted rolls, pesti6nos, garlic atao, etc. Although throughout its extensive history, the municipality of Lopera has been known mainly by its rich wines, their sweet melons and their quick galgos, known by all Spain and leaves from the foreigner. Of the important vitivinícola industry that it had long ago Lopera, so single it is left nowadays the wine Warehouses " Herruzo ", that every year denodadamente fight to maintain this old tradition of the culture of the grapevine.