The locality of Lopera is located in the northwest of the province of sewn Jaén to the municipal terms of Porcuna, Arjona, Montoro, Bujalance, Canete of the Towers, Marmolejo and Villa of the River. It has a population of right of 4.008 inhabitants who acquire the gentilicio of loperanos.

          Its main economic activity is based on the alternative culture of the olive grove, cotton, grapevine and other cultures like the maize, the sunflower and the beet. In the Industrial estate of Santa Quiteria it exists a strong implantation of the industry of manufacture of the furniture, as well as a mighty sector of the construction that it provides more than 200 direct uses.

          Its municipal term is bathed by the Salty Stream of Porcuna and small streams that flow to the previous one. The more important mountainous elevations are the Morrón Hill, practically limiting with the province of Cordova, 350 meters of altitude, the Hill of San Cristóbal with 327 meters and the Hill of 334 Gamonares of m.La superficial extension of the municipal term of Lopera is of 68 kilometers square and its altitude on the level of the 271 sea of metros.La distance with the jiennense capital is of 54 kilometers.

          The main channels of communication are the state highway IV or Railcar of Andalusia, the highway of local or regional importance C-327(Andújar-Lucena), J-2930(Lopera-Bujalance) and the JV-2031(Lopera-old state highway Madrid-Cadiz).